Live Japanese, Korean and English TV channels Android TV App: Subscription Based online TV app downloads. 42 Japnaese TV, 36 Korean TV, 28 English TV channels are now available by three Andriod apps: J World; K World and Homelive.apk; Free testing account are available under request after you successuflly download and installed the apk files onto your Android boxes. Email us if you have any questions:

Subscription based Japanese, Korean and English TV packages now available anywhere in the world from your Android TV boxes. Simply download, install and test our apps before you decide to go ahead with yearly subscription.

English TV

Over 80 live English World TV channels in one package: Homelive.apk. $275 a year. Free 3 days testing. Live TV channels. Apk File: homelive.1.1.25.pak for Android box and Smart TV only. Watch your favorite TV channels wherever you are in the world. Requires ADSL and above internet connection.

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Japanese TV

42 Japanese TV channels in one package, yearly subscription $285; free one day testing accounts available

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Korean TV

36 Korean TV subscription package; $235 a year, free testing accounts available.

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